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If you are in need of air conditioning services, you have come to the right place! Cool Breeze A/C and Heating is one of the top HVAC service providers in Rains County. No matter how big or small the problem is, we have the solution. We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients.

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Air Conditioning Unit Repairs

When your air conditioner is acting up, there are two solutions. A quick repair or a complete replacement. We do our best to fix the issues with repairs whenever we can. With the right expertise and equipment, our team can save you a lot of money by providing repairs instead of an entirely new system.

Signs That Your A/C Unit Needs Repairs

Water Leaks

Air conditioners use refrigerant to cool down your home and it can produce condensation as it evaporates. However, these liquids should never accumulate and leak. If you notice pooled water or leaks around your A/C system, this is a clear sign that it isn’t running properly.

Bad Odors

Your air conditioner may release bad odors when it isn’t operating correctly. There can be microbial growth inside the system. Our team can provide a tune-up, a complete cleaning session, or a more high-tech solution.

Unusual Noises

Air conditioners do make a little bit of noise, as they start-up or shut down, but it’s hardly noticeable. However, if you hear loud, sudden, or unusual noises coming from the system, then something is wrong. If you hear a rattling or buzzing sound, this can indicate that there’s a loose part in the system. Our team can fix it right away!

Complete A/C Unit Replacements

Sometimes, the only solution is to completely replace the A/C system. If that’s the case, our skilled professionals can take care of it all. We work will all types of A/C brands and models– we’ll pair you with the best solution. 

If your A/C unit breaks down regularly, that’s a clear sign that we need to take further action. It’s quite possible that the unit will need to be replaced. Air conditioners are built to last for many years, but there comes a day when their lifespan comes to an end. Let’s come up with a solution…fast!

Regular A/C Maintenance

The best solution to all of your A/C problems is preventive maintenance. Hire our team to conduct regular inspections and maintenance. There are many moving parts, and we check them all. Here are just a few of the areas we cover:

  • Thermostat settings: ensure it’s installed properly and away from all heat sources
  • Lubricate moving parts: avoid unnecessary damage due to friction
  • Check system controls: ensure proper cycling and safe operations
  • Fix refrigerant leaks and recharge refrigerant if necessary
  • Tighten all electrical components: helps improve lifespan of system and ensure parts are operating smoothly

Ventilation Solutions

The ventilation system affects the air quality and comfort of your home or business. It goes hand in hand with your air conditioning unit. When there is poor ventilation, you can expect your air conditioner to be performing poorly too. That’s why Cool Breeze A/C and Heating is committed to maintaining your ventilation system.

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