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Even though Emory, Texas, isn’t exactly the North Pole, we still experience chilly nights. And you don’t want to be unprepared for this cold weather. Many people overlook their heating system because they take the heat in Texas for granted. But what happens when 20 degrees hit Texas? You crank up your heating system, only to find out that it’s blowing cool air out. Don’t let it get to this point. Be proactive instead of reactive. How do you do this? Hire our team for preventative maintenance. 

Cool Breeze A/C and Heating is one of the top HVAC service providers in Rains County. We have seen all kinds of problems, and we always provide a solution. Whether you need a simple repair or a complete heater replacement, we have your back.

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Let’s Repair Your Heating System

If your heating system is raising your energy bills through the roof but you don’t notice a difference in the temperature, your system needs an inspection immediately. Our technicians will evaluate the problem and provide the solution. If we can fix the problem with a repair, that will be our first course of action. Our goal is to provide the most affordable solutions whenever possible. 

If you notice unusual sounds, weird odors, or uneven distribution of heat inside your property, your heating system will most likely need to be repaired. Give our team a call and we will be right there!

Heating System Installations and Replacements

Did you just buy a new home that needs a heating system? Has your heating system reached the end of its lifespan? Whatever the case may be, you need experts on top of it! We have a wide variety of brands and models to choose from, and we will help you find the one that suits your needs the most. Our technicians handle each project with extreme care, and we can ensure that the installation or replacement is done correctly the first time.

Preventative Maintenance Is The Best Solution

There’s nothing better than stopping a problem from happening. When our technicians inspect and maintain your heating system, they make sure that all the moving parts are operating properly. When we notice an issue, we fix it right away to prevent it from becoming a more serious problem. Here are some of the areas we cover during our regular maintenance checkups:

  • Remove debris from the burners and flame sensor
  • Inspect heat exchanger and CO detector
  • Lubricate blower and inducer fans
  • Clean humidifier
  • Check thermostat for proper operation
  • Check and clean air registers and ductwork
  • Inspect electrical wirings and controls

Ventilation in Your Home or Business

Ventilation is a crucial component of the HVAC system. The ventilation system is made up of the ducts, return vents, the blower assembly, and the air handler. This system maintains good air quality, which results in better health for you and anyone else on your property. That’s why Cool Breeze A/C and Heating makes your ventilation system a priority.

Let’s Crank Up That Heat with Cool Breeze A/C and Heating

There’s no need to worry about the temperature dropping outside when our team is looking out for your HVAC system. We will maintain it year-round to ensure that the heater works during the wintertime and the A/C unit cranks up during the summer. 

Our team has been servicing Emory, Texas, and the rest of our neighbors in Rains County for many years now. We value your time and comfort, which is why we complete every project in a timely manner. There’s no need to suffer through a cold winter without a properly functioning heating system. Give Cool Breeze A/C and Heating a call, and we’ll help you crank up the heat!


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