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If you are in need of air conditioner or heater maintenance, repairs, replacements, or a simple inspection, you have come to the right place. Cool Breeze A/C and Heating offers comprehensive HVAC care to residential and commercial customers in Emory, Texas, and surrounding areas. We let you know what the problem with your HVAC system is, and we offer affordable solutions. We operate on honesty and transparency, and we will always be upfront with the costs–with no surprises.

About Emory, Texas

Emory, Texas, is the county seat of Rains County. It’s a very small town, of about 2,000 people. Although it’s tiny, it’s a very charming town. You can see the neighborly nature reflected in its residents but especially reflected in our team. Just because the town is small, doesn’t mean the problems it can face are small too. In fact, you need a team of experts dedicated to solving home and business problems and needs. 

Cool Breeze A/C and Heating is dedicated to providing solutions to all of your HVAC needs, no matter how small or big they are. We take every project seriously, and our experts treat all of our customers like family. We care about your comfort and safety, which is why we deliver timely repairs, replacements, and regular maintenance.

It’s needless to say that summers in Emory, Texas, can get very hot. You need a functioning A/C unit year-round. However, if it isn’t regularly maintained, you run the risk of the unit breaking down. And the worst part is that it can happen at any time, maybe even during the middle of summer. Don’t suffer through the heat! Let’s provide preventative maintenance to your HVAC system.

Repairing and Replacing Heating Systems in Emory, Texas

If your heating system stopped working, there’s no better team to call but Cool Breeze A/C and Heating. Our team will inspect your HVAC system and determine the best course of action. Sometimes, all it needs is a simple repair. However, other times, the lifespan is up and we need to replace the entire system. If that’s the case, we will be upfront about pricing, your brand and system alternatives, and even offer financing options. 

We care about your comfort, so we strive to provide solutions that work for you.

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Whether you are running a business or you are a homeowner in Emory, Texas, you need a team of skilled technicians to take care of all your HVAC needs. Cool Breeze A/C and Heating wants to be that team that you always count on. Our experts are experienced in all the aspects of this industry, so they are able to address any concerns or problems that arise.

There are common signs that you can pay attention to when your A/C is giving out. If your energy bills are increasing drastically but you haven’t really changed the settings on your thermostat, it could mean that your unit is using up more energy than usual to perform its regular tasks. Sometimes the A/C unit might make strange sounds, or you might even notice a bad odor in the air. If you notice any of these, get in touch with our team immediately!

Cool Breeze A/C and Heating in Emory, Texas

If you are in need of air conditioning or heating services in Emory, Texas, you know who to call. We are more than happy to help our neighbors! For more information about our HVAC repairs, replacements, maintenance, or inspections, get in touch with one of our team members today!


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