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One of the most important aspects of running a business or a household is the HVAC system. This maintains an ideal temperature within your property and keeps the air clean which helps promote good health. If your HVAC system is acting up, don’t hesitate to call Cool Breeze A/C and Heating. We have been working in this industry for years now, and have provided solutions to all sorts of HVAC problems. We are committed to customer satisfaction and to your comfort and safety, so let us know how we can help!

Heating System

When it comes to your heating system, you want it to be in top shape. Even though it’s not cold very often in Texas, there are months that get pretty chilly. Cool Breeze A/C and Heating has you covered. Our experts can maintain your heating system year-round. And if you need a new one, we can install it too! We work with a number of brands, so there are plenty of options to find the one that fits your needs perfectly. A properly installed heating system will keep your home or business warm all winter long.

Air Conditioning Unit

Has your A/C unit given up? Do you notice energy bills skyrocketing but temperatures staying the same inside your property? Does your air conditioning unit make weird noises, or is there a foul smell in the air? These are signs that your A/C unit needs attention fast! Our team will inspect the unit and decide on the best course of action. Whether it needs a simple repair or a complete replacement, we have you covered.


Proper ventilation is needed in your home or business. It keeps the air fresh and clean and helps the air conditioner and heater work properly. The ventilation system works with controlled equipment to stabilize the temperature inside your property as much as possible. Our team can maintain your ventilation system year-round, as well as repair or replace it.

Experience Quality HVAC Services

We all know how important it is to have a reliable HVAC system, especially here in Texas. We are passionate about providing our customers with the best possible A/C and heating service experience. We understand that your time is valuable, so we make sure to provide prompt, professional service and complete all projects in a timely manner.

Reliable repairs and installations for your air conditioning unit or heater.

Exceptional HVAC maintenance year-round

A/C Repair and Installation
Services in Your Locality

We proudly service Emory, Texas, and the rest of our neighbors in Rains County!


There's nothing like a testimonial from a satisfied customer to let you know you've done a great job. At Cool Breeze A/C and Heating, we take pride in our work and it shows in the testimonials we've received from our customers.

We appreciate all the good work Kelly and Ashley do for our home and rental properties. We strongly advise to use this company , or you can get ripped off by the other companies out there.

Debb Garza

I had an emergency on Saturday evening and Kelly came out and got me going in 15 minutes. I did choose to replace the old unit with the latest EPA approved HVAC system. Surprisingly, it didn't cost as much as I was expecting and it will be more efficient and less costly to operate. I'm very satisfied with the care and service Ashley and Kelly gave me. I definitely recommend them

Glenda Harder

Just when you thought the old days were gone, you find good people like cool breeze. A ac and heating business with hard working people that do a great job and have reasonable prices with good quality work that is done. They are people that care about there customers and if there is a time that they didn’t come on time, there is a good reason. It happened with me and when I found out they had a customer that didn’t have ac and was I’ll, that touched my heart to know how much they care about there customers and I wouldn’t call anyone else but them. Thank you cool breeze you are a blessing.

Carolyn Reyna

Kelly and Ashley are so incredibly professional, friendly, and well versed in the HVAC industry. Always meet our needs promptly, without trying to add unnecessary costs, and I know the job is done right everytime. HIGHLY recommend Cool Breeze, we are lifelong customers!

Terri Chapin

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Cool Breeze A/C and Heating is a locally owned and operated business in Emory, Texas. We care for our customers like they are family, and you see it reflected when our team is hard at work. We complete every HVAC project in a timely manner and we never cut any corners. Our team takes pride in everything we do and you can expect nothing less than the best from us!


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